Why People Must Hire an Attorney Before They Apply for SSI in Halifax

Every day people apply for SSI in Halifax without an attorney. They do this unaware of how long and complicated the disability determination process is and the benefits of having a disability attorney ensuring their rights are upheld. People who hire legal assistance often find the process goes faster and there are fewer hurdles between them and their money.
Increase Approval Odds

The biggest mistake people make when applying for SSI is thinking that it’s just a matter of filling out a form and waiting for a response. The actual process requires a lot of paperwork that includes medical records. If something isn’t included with the application, it could be denied and then the person has to go through the appeals process.

Hiring an SSI lawyer from the start automatically increases a person’s odds of getting their benefits. Lawyers know what paperwork needs to be completed and how to complete it in a way that supports your request for disability. With more than half of disability claims being denied, it’s always a good idea to come out of the gate strong.

Lawyers and their legal staff look over claims before they’re processed. They point out any inconsistencies, any missing evidentiary paperwork, and make certain the paperwork is error-free. If a person’s initial SSI claim is denied, it’s more important than ever to hire an attorney for the appeals process.

Individuals who believe they qualify for disability need to hire the best representation before they apply for SSI in Halifax. To do this, contact Cunningham Law Group.

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