Why Painless Mammograms Are the Wave of the Future in Georgia

For decades, women have had to suffer through painful mammograms on an annual basis. However, there is now such a thing as a painfree mammogram in Atlanta, GA. It is done by using 3D imaging. The benefits of this procedure are plenty.


The traditional way of performing a mammogram cannot tell the difference between a mass that is benign and a cancerous tumor. However, when a painless mammogram Norcross is performed. The differences are quite clear.

No Compression

Many women avoid getting a mammogram altogether because of the pain that comes with breast compression. However, when breast imaging Norcross is used, there is no compression involved at all.

Reduced Radiation

The technology that allows for the 3D imagery of Koning breast CT also allows for a greatly reduced amount of radiation that is needed to perform the scan. This appeals to people who are nervous about being exposed to radiation.

Better Images

The imaging used for a pain-free mammogram in Atlanta, GA provides a greater amount of pictures of the breast. This allows the doctor to engage in a far better view of the breast as a whole. There is also the fact that a painless mammogram Norcross provides alternate views of the breast from all positions.

Fewer Call Backs

Since advanced breast imaging Norcross provides better imagery results, it also reduces the number of call-back appointments that clinics engage in. This makes the Koning breast CT more appealing to both clinics and women.

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