Why it’s Important to Quickly Get Auto Window Repair in Chicago

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Automotive

Car window breakage is more common than it may seem. Windshields are vulnerable to rocks that are kicked up by the tires of the car ahead of you, hail damage, vandalism, and more. Side and rear windows also get broken, often due to storms, vandalism, or car accidents. Fortunately, it’s easy to get auto window repair in Chicago.

When you contact a glass company to replace auto glass, you don’t have to worry about whether your new window will fit. That’s because car windows are actually pre-made. Auto glass companies like Frank’s Auto Glass keep windows for the most popular makes and models of cars in stock so that they can provide speedy replacements. If your car needs a window that isn’t in stock, they order it in rather than try to make something else fit.

Sometimes, auto glass will get a single chip or crack, but otherwise remain intact. In this situation, it can be tempting to ignore the problem. Unfortunately, doing so can lead to bigger problems later on. One such problem is the possible failure of the air bag to be able to do its job in case of a collision. That’s because some car models use the windshield as a backstop for the bag. If the windshield is weakened, it’ll shatter when the bag hits it. This will allow the air bag to deploy upwards instead of towards you, and the bag’s benefit will be negated. Therefore, replacing the window is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the air bag system.

You may wonder if all auto window repair in Chicago involves replacing the window. The answer is that in many cases, this is indeed the case. Small rock chips and tiny cracks, however, can sometimes be repaired in a way that allows the existing window to be saved. This is done by injecting a resin into the damaged area that bonds with the glass and prevents the damage from spreading. A small mark may be left behind, but the windshield’s strength will be preserved and the area will look much better than it originally did. Visit Frank’s Auto Glass to learn more about when repairs can be done and when replacement is the better option.

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