Why It Pays To Shop Around For A Web Tension Control System

For older equipment requiring an upgrade or when setting up a new business, choosing each component to maximize efficiency, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and well as durability will be important.

In the manufacturing of paper, winding, coatings, film, steel and converting applications, the web tension control system is an important aspect of the operation. While not the most costly part of the production, the durability, reliability, and accuracy of the web tension system will be a key factor in reducing waste and producing a quality, consistent end product.

There are a few options to consider when choosing a web tension control system. By keeping these factors in mind, anyone can save money while still investing in a system which will last for years of continuous use, even in very challenging applications.

Buy from One Manufacturer

While it is possible to combine components from different manufacturers to create a complete web tension control system, choosing everything from one manufacturer is much easier. This ensures all components including load cells, transducers, displays or indicator boards, cables, connectors, and enclosures are designed to be compatible and integrate with each other without modifications.

Buying from one manufacturer also assures quality control with each component. Top manufacturers in the industry have excellent reputations for durable equipment which can be used for decades without the need for replacement or repair. This additional factor means a higher ROI on the system and greater uptime for equipment.

Ease of Mounting and Installation

The best web tension control system is one which works with your equipment. Take the time to consider how the various components of the system, particularly the load cell, have to mount to the equipment. Ideally, look for load cells which can work with any existing application, saving on installation and configuration problems and limited downtime for the changeover.

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