Why Homeowners Should Consider Sealcoating Driveways In Sun Prairie WI

An asphalt driveway provides a safe and convenient space to park vehicles, and when properly maintained will add curb appeal and visual interest to the exterior of a home. The problem is that exposure to the sun and other natural elements causes the surface to break down, and leads to the formation of potholes and cracks that may damage vehicles and become visually unappealing. Sealcoating Driveways in Sun Prairie WI helps to stave off this damage and will provide a homeowner with the following benefits.

Chemical Resistance

Oil based products such as gasoline and other chemicals that are used for cleaning will often seep down into the pores of an asphalt surface and increase the formation of potholes and cracks. Applying a seal coating over the surface of the driveway improves the water resistance of the asphalt and prevents chemicals from having a chance to be absorbed. This reduces the number of repairs needed overtime and allows a homeowner to use their driveway without fear of damaging it.

Increased Flexibility

If an asphalt surface becomes too hard, it will become brittle and is apt to break if exposed to shifting weight. Sealcoating Driveways in Sun Prairie WI allows them to absorb more heat from the sun and keeps the asphalt from becoming hard, especially in extremely frigid weather. This reduces the formation of damage, in addition to decreasing the rate of oxidation which preserves the top surface of the asphalt.

Money Savings

Repairing an asphalt surface is typically an expensive project, but most of the damage associated with repairs is avoidable by performing regular maintenance. Sealing an asphalt surface every 3 to 5 years will provide additional protection, and costs only a fraction of a new installation or repair service. It will also keep the asphalt looking beautiful and improve the overall visual appeal of a home.

Regular maintenance will keep a driveway looking great and ready for traffic all year long. Tri-County Paving offers residential and commercial asphalt repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. Browse our website to learn more about the benefits of regular preservation tactics and take the first step in protecting a driveway from environmental threats.

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