Why Every Business Needs Fiber Optic Cable

Communication is key in business, and now so more than ever with increased competition and an unstable economy. One key thing that most businesses have forgotten is fiber optic cable from a trusted telecommunication installer. Fiber optic use thin glass or plastic tubes to transmit information using light. Here are a few things it can do to transform your business:

1. Productivity

How often has your work day been held up by slow or crashed internet? You might have even missed important deadlines because of this. Accucode estimates that one work week every year is lost to slow internet speeds. Multiply that by every employee at your company and you can see how much potential revenue is being lost. Fiber optics allows multiple users to access high speed internet at the same time, even for heavy duty tasks such as video conferencing.

2. Reliability

Along with slow internet speeds, a lost internet connection is the next biggest thing that keeps employees from doing their jobs properly. Losing a connection at the wrong time could potentially cost a major business deal. Fiber optics are not only faster than standard broadband packages but also much less likely to lose connection unexpectedly. They also won’t lose connection during adverse weather conditions.

3. Signal Strength

The further you are from a router, the worse your internet connection speed will be. This is another issue that fiber optics can fix. The right set up by a trusted telecommunication installer means that every part of a building will have access to equally strong internet speeds.
The one off cost of installing fiber optic cable can help a business prepare for future trends and save money on lost productivity or unreliable internet service. In you live in Ohio, contact a trusted local contractor today to find out how you can install fiber optics in your work building.

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