Why double glazing your windows is a great idea

When replacing old windows in your home, why not consider double glazing the new ones you are about to install? Double glazed windows consist of two window panes spaced a few millimetres apart, with a layer of gas in-between. The space between the panes is thick, and regulates efficient air flow between the inside and outside of your home. In summer your rooms stay naturally cooler, and in winter, warmer. Read here about the other benefits double glazed windows bring to your house.

Effective insulation system

Single pane windows are ineffective for heat transfer in a home. Over time home owners are compelled to spend more money than they want to on electricity in an effort to generate extra heat during winter, and keep it outside the house during summer. Double glazed windows, however, constitute an effective barrier that promotes slower heat transfer. No more high electricity bills, because warm air circulates for longer inside your house in winter, and the same goes for cool air in summer. The huge reduction on electricity bills in the long run helps to offset the initial financial outlay incurred when you installed the windows.

Fortified security and comfort

When you install double glazed windows, you are also making your place more secure. It’s much harder to try and smash through two window panes than one. Potential burglars will have a hard time staying unnoticed given the amount of time it would take them to get through double glazed windows. Professionals that do double glazing Gravesend and elsewhere will tell you that most double glazed windows come with their own lock mechanisms that make it even harder to force your way through them. In addition; having these windows installed will also add to the comfort level inside the house. The extra insulation will keep much of the neighbourhood and traffic noises coming from outside barely audible, making the atmosphere quieter and peaceful inside your walls.

Strong selling point

You can imagine the attraction that homes with these windows installed would have for potential buyers; which is why they sell at higher prices, and very quickly as well. The materials that comprise these windows are extremely durable and weather resistant, and made to last a very long time. Home owners can also choose to give the house a traditional or modern look, given that home improvement experts that do double glazing in Gravesend can install them according to your specifications. You can also feel good about the fact that you will be making a positive contribution to a ‘greener’ environment with double glazed windows: they reduce much of the carbon dioxide emissions coming from home heating and cooling systems.

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