Why Consider Teeth Whitening Services in Charleston, WV

Many people enjoy smiling, but when they notice their teeth in the mirror, they find stains, yellow spots and other problems that make them want to hide their smiles from embarrassment. If you find that your smile isn’t bright and as white as it could be, consider teeth whitening options in Charleston, WV.

There are many available options for those who want whiter teeth. For example, you can whiten your top or bottom teeth only, or choose to whiten both. You may find that you need less whitening on the top or bottom, based on the foods you eat.


In order to whiten teeth effectively, you should see your dentist. They have special chemicals that are safe to use and strong enough to whiten the teeth. While you may have tried over-the-counter products before, they are not as strong as a dental office can provide.

Once you have decided to get your teeth whitened, you will see a dentist. He or she will make an impression to create for you a stent or mouth-guard that will hold the bleaching agent against the teeth for the appropriate amount of time. After the impressions are made, the splint is created and you can pick it up within one to two days.

You will receive the special bleaching agent and will be taught how much to use, when to use it, and more. You will use the bleach for at least one week and sometimes two. However, harsh stains may require more additive. It is usually preferred to do the procedure at night after you are finished eating. Put the additive into the splint and place on your teeth for up to four hours.

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For those people in Charleston, WV that want quicker whitening, this type of whitening is done in the dental office and while you relax, the agent will start to work reducing the stains and whitening your teeth. A special tooth-whitening gel is used to whiten the teeth, and most people have teeth that are at least six shades whiter in just three nights or days. The gel is placed on the teeth and is light-activated. As the gel breaks down, oxygen can enter the dentin and enamel, removing the stains. The only known side effect is that tooth sensitivity can increase though the sensitivity will go away on its own after about three days.

Teeth whitening in Charleston, WV should be done by a professional and you have two main options from which to select.

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