Why choose Glion for your Masters in Hotel Management in Switzerland

Glion is the place to be if you strive to achieve excellence in the hospitality and luxury business. Glion provides career-focused Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with professional internships. Working in the hotel management industry requires connections and relationships built on the foundation of trust, respect and experience. That is exactly what Glion provides to its graduates – An alumni network of individuals across the world. Whether your endeavour is to pursue a Master’s in Hotel Management in Switzerland or to pursue Bachelor’s in Luxury Management from London, Glion has programs designed especially for hardworking individuals who aspire to hone their skills every step of the way.

With over 98% of students having job opportunities by the time they graduate, Glion prepares its students for the challenges they might face working in the industry. Not only this but the average amount of internship offers for any student is 7. 7 providing them with the experience and the opportunity to learn more about the industry they seek to work in. Being a part of the industry, not only helps you excel in your own field but also helps you learn and grow with the opportunities that these connections provide you with.

Moreover, after pursuing your Master’s in Hotel Management at Glion, as an alumnus, you will have access to exclusive offers on career enhancing programs at all the three prestigious Sommet Education Schools. However, the journey of getting into a prestigious school such as Glion has its fair share of rough patches, but we at Switz Education Foundation can make it smoother. From your application process to guiding you towards the right path, we are here at every step.

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