Why Choose an Art Shipping Company to Ship Your Art to New York?

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Moving

Do you have some valuable and costly art to ship from Los Angeles to New York? Are you thinking of taking the art yourself to New York, thinking it would be like a fun road trip? If you are, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You may be trying to save money by driving down to New York yourself, but your beautiful art will suffer, as during a road trip, mishaps happen. What will you encounter if you decide to take the art yourself to New York? The following list will tell you:

Obstacle #1: Packing and Securing the Art

You will have to spend hours online reading about how you can pack your painting safely to take it to New York in your car. Are you ready to understand all the complexities that go into packing a painting? The information will overwhelm you and if you make a mistake, your painting will not be delivered to New York in one piece.

Obstacle #2: Getting Lost, Stuck in Traffic, Car Trouble

Your art has to be at the museum for display for instance on Wednesday. Although you have planned everything to the tee, you can never prepare yourself to run into unexpected events. Your car may break down, you may lose your way, and traffic may delay you. You will be behind in schedule. It would be precisely then you would realize that art shipping to New York is no piece of cake.

Obstacle #3: The Weather

Did you check the weather before you went out? You do know that the weather channel has a habit of getting it wrong sometimes. If you run into bad weather such as pouring rain, is your car equipped to handle the rain? Meaning is there any way water can leak into the car and ruin the painting. If you do not know, you might as well find out if you choose to take the painting to New York yourself.

Obstacle #4: Stolen Painting or Car

Even though the occurrence of this may not be so high up there, you can never cancel out any possibilities. Imagine parking into a fast food joint and going to eat, only to find out the painting is missing, or worse the car with the painting is stolen. This will not sit well at the people in New York who are waiting to display the painting, which they might have bought and paid you in advance for.
Will You be Art Shipping to New York Yourself or Hire an Art Shipping Company

An art shipping company will pack your painting in weatherproof packing, will not get lost along the way, and deliver your painting to your destination on time. Whenever you are art shipping to New York, choose to hand the responsibility to another company and not take it yourself.

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