Why Choose a Smaller Hotel?

Traveling for business may be necessary, but vacation or personal travel should be an adventure. When you choose a hotel in Long Beach, California, what you are looking for is to get a feel for the area, to immerse yourself in the California experience. While looking for a hotel that can offer you a bit of authenticity, you are also looking for someplace that will meet your vacation needs. When you consider a smaller hotel, there are some definite benefits.

More Personalized Service

Instead of staying at a hotel where there can be four or five hundred guests, at a smaller hotel staff members can be much more responsive to your wants and needs. If you combine this with the fact that smaller hotels like to employ staff that are knowledgeable about the area, making it easier for them to assist you in planning day trips and evenings out, you will have a much more enjoyable vacation. They will also be able to provide you with recommendations as to the best local places, the ones that most tourists never even hear about.

The Hotel’s Atmosphere

When it comes to decorating and character, smaller hotels beat out the big chains hands down. They are the ones who consolidate local art and flare into their rooms and atmosphere. You may turn a corner and find some bit of architecture that turns the hotel into a destination all on its own. It may be that the lobby itself may be more like a gallery than an entryway. By the time you finish checking in, you’re already amazed.

The Freedom to Meet Fellow Travelers

Whether it be a small café in a courtyard or a beautifully decorated heated pool, a smaller hotel just seems to make it easier to feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with others who are staying there. Visitors from all over the world find a way to communicate with each other. This is how we want you to feel when you stay at hotel CONNECT.

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