Why Calling an Attorney is Necessary for any Victim of a Semi Accident in Terre Haute, IN

Many people would probably be surprised to know how common trucking accidents really are. Every day, people are injured because of the carelessness of truck drivers and trucking companies. In these cases, it would only seem right that the trucking company and their insurer would want to make sure that accident victims walk away with a fair settlement that would help pay their recovery expenses. Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t always play out like it should. It is for this very reason that any victim who has been involved in a semi-truck accident should make sure to hire an experienced attorney. Read on to find out how legal help can have a positive impact on a truck accident case.

*     While the trucking company’s insurer probably does want to be fair to the victim, doing so is often less important to them than saving money. If the insurer can find someone else to blame for the accident, it is likely that they will. For this reason, they may try to place the blame for the accident on mechanics who didn’t do their job or a truck parts manufacturer who sent them a defective part. Fortunately, attorneys are skilled investigators who have the tools and the know-how to figure out what really happened in a semi accident in Terre Haute, IN . A lawyer can help put the blame game to rest and figure out who is legally responsible for damages.

*     If passing on the blame to another party proves futile, the insurance company may resort to playing other games. For example, the insurer will often contact the victim and try to convince them to take an offer that they know is too low. Not only can an attorney stop these harassing calls by contacting the trucking company on their client’s behalf, but they can also help place a fair value on the victim’s case so they can properly evaluate any offers from the insurance company and fight for more money if need be.

A semi accident in Terre Haute, IN, is a harrowing event that no driver should have to experience. When they do happen, it’s important that victims seek legal help to obtain the money they need to cover medical and other expenses resulting from the accident. Get in touch with attorney Dan McGlone to discover how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help accident victims get the justice they deserve and the peace of mind they need.

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