Why Auto Repair Shops in Gilbert, AZ Don’t Give Over-the-Phone Quotes

Often, vehicle owners get frustrated when they call around to repair shops and can’t get a quote over the phone for a simple repair. While it’s aggravating not to get the answers one wants quickly, there’s a good reason that auto repair shops in Gilbert, AZ, want people to bring in their vehicles. This strict policy that many shops abide by benefits the vehicle owner by getting repairs done quickly.

In-shop Diagnostic Services Are More Accurate

Auto shops aren’t trying to waste anyone’s time, but they have to see the vehicle in-person to make an accurate diagnosis. Often, people think they know what’s wrong with their vehicle based on the sounds it’s making or because they’ve done internet research. They give a list of problems and symptoms over the phone and may or may not be giving the technician an accurate description of what’s going on.

Mechanics need to lay their hands on the vehicle. Sometimes they even need to drive it to really figure out what’s happening. Without seeing the vehicle, they can’t quote an accurate repair price or time. Nothing makes a vehicle owner angrier than being told one price at the beginning of a repair job and one twice as much when the repairs are made. In-person quotes help vehicles make better decisions because they know how much they’ll pay without question.

Most certified auto repair shops in Gilbert, AZ, offer free diagnostic services. Call around and find a shop nearby for this service and get an accurate price quote today!

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