Why are LED Firefighter Lights Important?

Firefighting teams have diverse vehicle fleets with different lighting needs depending on whether they are located in urban, suburban, or rural communities. The size of the firefighting vehicles may also have a strong bearing on the type of lights that are needed to maximize visibility while making critical emergency calls. LED lights are probably the best option for firefighter lights because of the wide range of LED firefighter lights currently on the market.

1. Hide-a-Way Styles. Firefighters do not typically consider the advantages of hide-a-way styles. Hide-a-way styles allow for additional members of the team, including volunteer members, to quickly adapt their vehicle for the emergency situation. The need for spare hide-a-way lights cannot be underestimated, because when a situation arises, the response teams need safety lights in order to prevent collisions, maximize both safety and efficiency, and of course, minimize the response time.

2. Dash Lights. Dash lights are essential for providing the extra layer of protection and visibility from the front of the vehicle, helpful especially when moving through heavy traffic. Dash mounted lights are adaptable, can be dismounted when needed, and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter easily. They come in different sizes and colors, and can be height-adjusted for the specs of both driver and vehicle. Dash LED firefighter lights mount using suction cups.

3. Stick Lights. Stick LED lights can be useful for firefighters needing additional visibility from the sides or back of the vehicle. They can be great for retrofitting vehicles to be added to a firefighter fleet, or enhancing the safety lighting already present on an emergency response vehicle.

4. Portable lights. Firefighters need portable lighting to wear on their person when responding to emergency situations, to increase visibility and efficiency. The need for lighting may be as important during the day as at night.

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