Why Animal Dental Care is Essential

If you do not want your cat or dog to be one of the 85% of pets with periodontal disease, it is important to have your pet’s teeth regularly cleaned and checked. Typically, this percentage is reached by the time an animal is three years of age.

Periodontal Disease Can Lead to Other Health Problems

Also, if you do not schedule animal dental care for your pet, your dog or cat may suffer from other illnesses. For example, the bacteria beneath the gum line can travel to such organs as the liver, kidneys, and heart. When this happens, a pet can become seriously ill.

Cleanings Are Performed While the Pet is Anesthetized

When a cleaning is performed, it enables the veterinarian to better assess your dog or cat’s teeth and gums. This type of procedure is also called a prophylaxis. During the cleaning, both tartar and plaque are removed. Animal dental care also extends to examining a pet’s tongue, lips, gums, and teeth. Usually, the pet is given anesthesia while the procedure is performed. That way, the vet can fully examine the mouth and teeth while less stress is placed on the animal.

What a Prophylaxis Includes

When a prophylaxis is performed, it typically includes the following:

* Plaque and tartar are removed (as noted above).
* The dental sockets are checked to measure and assess gum disease.
* Polishing is done to get rid of any enamel scratches that may draw in unhealthy bacteria.
* X-rays are taken to review any dental issues below the gum line.
* A dental or fluoride sealer is applied.
* The lips, tongue, and mouth are examined for wounds or growths.

How to Tell if Your Pet Requires Dental Care

Pets exhibit certain symptoms when they need animal dental care in the form of a cleaning. They may have bad breath, drool, paw at their mouth, have trouble chewing, or display missing or loose teeth.

Regardless of your pet’s current dental health, it still needs to have its teeth and gums checked. You can schedule a dental cleaning by contacting Aztec Animal Hospital at 480-945-6800 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Maintain your pet’s health by making cleanings and exams a priority. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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