Who Is Taking Care Of The Trees In Broome County, New York State?

Go back far enough in history and much of our country was covered in trees and what is now Broome County was no exception. Especially when one realizes that present day Broome County is a much truncated section of the Colonial times county of Albany which, back then, covered most of the northern part of New York State plus what is now Vermont and extended as far west as was then known about. This was a huge area that included many natural forests.

However, by 1806 this huge county had been whittled down several times and Broome County came into existence when it was hived off from Tioga County. It was not only political administrative areas that changed, land clearance for agriculture and the establishing of towns and cities were also eating away at the natural forests; as were logging activities for building timber, other lumber and things like pulp and paper.

Mankind Both Destroys And Loves Trees

Even before it became fashionable to be politically correct and care about our impact on nature and the environment, both town planners and individual homeowners liked to either plant trees or keep existing examples as a way of “prettying up” a town or adding to the visual effect of their own backyard. Which is why, even today, you can see many established old trees happily existing in close proximity to human habitation.

Having Trees Near To You Comes With A Price

And this price goes way beyond simply sweeping up the fall leaves. In nature, trees take care of themselves and, just like the rest of nature; sick or infirm trees simply die and eventually rot away. This is but part of nature’s plan; when the trees in question are part of a large forest – the dead provide nourishment for the living.

However if that beautiful big tree on the corner or in your yard should become diseased, attacked by insects, damaged by strong winds or struck by lightening the situation is different and accidental damage to people or property could easily result. We can avail ourselves of tree service in Broome County, NY to endeavor to avoid problems by keeping our trees healthy and, should problems develop, trim back and clear up any damaged tree parts. In the event of a total fatality we can call on tree service in Broome County, NY to remove the whole tree and dig out its roots.

Whether for preventative maintenance or major removal, the firm of All Pro Logging And Timber Management offer a comprehensive tree service to Broome County, NY residents and businesses alike. For more information visit website.

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