Whether You Chimney Is Old Or New, Proper Chimney Liners Are Available Through Chimney Liner in Queens NY

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Chimney

That warm fire in the fireplace feels so nice during the winter. Enjoying the crackling of the fireplace can make for a homey feel. As nice as the feeling is from the fireplace, have you had your chimney liner checked? Do you smell smoke in the house sometimes? If you smell smoke in your home from your fireplace, you chimney liner may need replaced or maybe even one needs installed. Until the mid 1900’s, many homes had fireplaces as an alternative means of heat. The problem is many of those chimneys had no linings. With the lack of linings, many house fires and chimney fires occurred. If your house was built before this time or you’re smelling smoke, you should check into a Chimney Liner In Queens NY. Even if your home has clay tiles in the chimney, these tiles cannot take the heat that is produced from a gas, wood or oil stove. Over time these tiles crack, become unstable and leave your home vulnerable to a chimney or house fire. Visit website for more information.

A chimney liner is made of stainless steel or aluminum and can withstand incredibly high heat. If you would have a chimney fire due to soot build-up, a Chimney Liner in Queens NY could help contain the fire to the chimney instead of spreading to your home. Another option of chimney liners is a cast-in-place liner. These liners are actually poured to line the inside of your chimney and are good for all kinds of fuels and offer structural integrity.

Fireplaces are not just limited to your home. Many businesses have fireplaces as well. A Chimney Liner in Queens NY can address both residential and commercial fireplaces and liners. Proper cleaning, chimney repair and maintenance of your fireplace can keep your fireplace burning at optimal performance without the fear of a fire.

If you’re in need of repairs or maintenance on your chimney, be sure they are insured and licensed and belong to the Better Business Bureau. Don’t wait until the snow if flying and another polar vortex arrives to have your chimney checked, maintained and cleaned by US Chimney Queens NY.

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