Where to Find Current & Correct Information on Maryland Lemon Law

Each year, hundreds of California residents find that their used car has suddenly developed expensive problems soon after they obtained it. When sold by private owners, it can be difficult to collect compensation, exchange defective vehicles or get that previous owner to pay for ridiculously high repair bills. Learn where to find current and correct information regarding Maryland Lemon Law.

Don’t Simply Settle for a Dud Car that Is Needed

Most individuals that purchase used cars and other vehicles do so due to tight finances that limit their ability to pay for a new car outright. Unfortunately for many unsuspecting consumers in the market for used vehicles, some private car owners attempt to pass off a used vehicle as being in great condition when they know that the vehicle has serious issues. Don’t simply settle for a dud car when this car is necessary for your transportation needs.

Maryland Lemon Law Information Can Be Found Online

Consumers can find up-to-date information regarding the Lemon Laws passed here in Maryland by doing an Internet search on the subject online. Type in “Lemon Law in Maryland” into your computer, laptop or smartphone search bar to view results instantly.

All Rules Stipulated Under Lemon Laws Must Be Adhered to Exactly

When consumers realize that there are many timelines and rules that must be followed when trying to get recourse under Lemon Law regulations, they often fail to do so exactly. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® for legal help.

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