When You Should Consider Speaking with Experienced Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights violations have constantly been in the news over the past few years. In reality, these types of unfortunate situations have been going on for centuries. Here is when you should seriously consider speaking with experienced Orland Park civil rights lawyers according to a knowledgeable civil rights attorney.

Get Competent Legal Counsel After Police Brutality or Misconduct Occurs

Most police officers are highly trained and compassionate professionals who truly respect and give everyone the type of high-level attention that someone needing police intervention really deserves regardless of race, religion, cultural background, age, and other often divisive characteristics they may come across during the course of their career.

However, there are some bad apples who take their job’s authority and use it to justify police brutality or some other type of misconduct when they are on-the-job. Get competent and prompt legal counsel after any potential police brutality or misconduct incident occurs.

Types of Legal Services That Orland Park Civil Rights Lawyers Provide

Attorneys who have a background working civil rights cases are going to be your best shot at getting the justice that you deserve under the law. Types of legal services that these attorneys typically handle include false arrests, excessive force, due process violations, wrongful convictions, wrongful deaths by a police officer, taser injuries, malicious prosecution cases, and post-trial support among other scenarios.

Where to Find Reputable Orland Park Civil Rights Lawyers in IL

Phone Michael D. Ettinger & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation appointment or visit https://www.michaelettingerlaw.com/ online.

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