When You Need Water damage restoration in Oceanside, CA Call the Experts

Everyone has seen water rushing into flooded homes on TV, with furniture overturned and water marks halfway up the walls. It’s easy to understand the severe damage caused in these situations, but most water damage to property does not come from massive floods. Until someone has it happen, it’s difficult to realize just how much property damage can be caused by a relatively small amount of water. Even 1″ of water on the floor can cause considerable damage.

A leaky roof can cause a lot of damage before it is discovered. Constant dampness in an attic is a perfect breeding ground for mold. From the attic, the mold can be distributed through duct work to other parts of the home. Homeowners or employees can suffer lingering health problems until the cause is discovered. The attic dampness is also adversely affecting the wooden structure of the property. It can even be creating a fire hazard if there are any exposed wires. By the time a wet stain appears on the ceiling underneath the attic, a lot of damage can already be done.

Broken pipes cause instant, visible damage. Carpets and hardwood floors cannot sustain prolonged submersion in water. Hardwood floors, in particular, will swell and buckle very quickly. Wallpaper and baseboards also show the effects in a short period of time. The usual solution would be to rip everything out and throw it away. However, a well-equipped and trained restoration company can extract the water if they are able to start work before the damage is irreparable. Repairing rather than replacing everything can save the owner of the property a great deal of money.

EcoPure Restorations specializes in restoring properties damaged by flood, fire, water or mold. They are a sister company to Antac Pest Control, who have a strong record of success in the local community. EcoPure Restoration’s professional technicians are fully trained and IICRC industry certified. They arrive on site fully equipped with new state-of-the-art industrial strength equipment. They guarantee to respond to flood and mold emergencies in 45 minutes or less and will bill the insurance company. Anyone needing water damage restoration in Oceanside, CA should call EcoPure Restoration.

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