When You Need a Vacant Home Insurance Policy in West Des Moines, IA

A lot of unfortunate consequences can arise from a simple misunderstanding. In the field of insurance, this often means that people think that they have coverage for issues and situations where they really don’t. They may live for years making premium payments with the belief that they’ll be protected, only to finally submit a claim and be turned down because the policy they had wasn’t quite as good as the one that they thought they did. If you have any homes that aren’t constantly occupied, you should be exploring whether you need a Vacant Home Insurance Policy West Des Moines IA.

Homeowners have a much more relaxed view of whether a home is vacant than insurance companies do. Something as simple as deciding to take a cruise that keeps you away for a month could be a long enough absence to put your insurance in danger if you don’t get a special waiver from the insurance company. For homes that are only occupied at certain times, such as vacation homes or those intended to be used as a residence in the future, almost certainly meet the requirements for needing a Vacant Home Insurance Policy West Des Moines IA. If you have to move for work and you aren’t able to sell the house immediately, you should consider what impact this will have on its insurance status.

You should expect to pay a little more for a Vacant Home Insurance Policy West Des Moines IA because the insurer has to take on more risk. You should also make sure that you understand exactly what the policy is going to cover. You may be offered a policy that specifically excludes damage due to vandals or to leaking water pipes because these are the types of dangers that are very closely tied to the fact that the property is unoccupied. On the other hand, you can usually still get protection against disasters like fire and earthquake that are unrelated.

If you have a property that you need to protect, you should contact Absolute Insurance Agency LLC West Des Moines, IA to talk about a policy and how much it would cost. Being proactive about pursuing the right coverage is a lot better than experiencing a disaster and realizing that the coverage you had isn’t really going to protect you because the policy was only valid so long as you were living in the home. Visit domain URL for more details.

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