When You go Away on Vacation You Need to Find Someone That Provides Quality Pet Sitting in Grayslake, IL

You and your family are going on vacation, but what do you do with your dog while you are away? You cannot take them to your Sister’s house because she is allergic, and amusement parks are no place for your canine companion. You could hire the neighbor kid to feed and let your dog out first thing in the morning and then again after school, but a better choice would be to leave your dog at a pet spa. Your beloved pet could be in a facility that will play with them several times a day, provide cuddle time, allow them to socialize with other dogs and even have scheduled potty breaks. Knowing that your beloved pet is being well taken care of will give you peace of mind while you are away. At Shag Bark Pet Spa they have Pet Sitting in Grayslake IL available. Their 6 acre facility with trails and equipment for playing on will keep your pet well entertained and stimulated. They will be home away from home for your pet.

If you are not going away on vacation, but are away from home most of the day, your dog could benefit from Pet Sitting Grayslake IL. Pets left alone all day, can develop anti-social behaviors or suffer from anxiety. A bored animal can be destructive to your home, themselves and become unpredictable. By placing them in a day care setting while you are away, they can be socialized with other dogs and have friends to play with throughout the day. Well planned activities and lessons will be tailored to your pet’s personality and needs. They will have their minds stimulated and their bodies exercised, making them happier and more content. The professional staff is well trained and will make sure your pet is engaged in a safe and happy manner.

Your dog loves you like no one else in the world. At the end of a hard day at work, no one greets you with such enthusiasm as your dog. Don’t they deserve a day away too? One day a week or several times a week, a visit to the Shag Bark Pet Spa will make your dog a happy dog. Knowing that your pet is being well taken care of and not home alone, will make you a happy pet owner.

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