When to Install Egress Window Well Systems

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Construction & Maintenance

Finishing the basement can be a major undertaking, but it can greatly increase the living space in your home. However, when you choose to change your basement into living space, you will need window well systems to ensure you follow the appropriate safety laws and guidelines for homes. Without the right kind of window well, you could face serious consequences. Learning the reasons to install these systems will ensure you make the right choice.

A Basement Bedroom

When you first bought your home, you may have thought you wouldn’t need more bedrooms than what you already had or you may have thought you would buy a new house when you needed more space. With the housing market crash, those dreams of buying a larger home may have gone up in smoke. No matter what the reason, you can’t place a bedroom in the basement without the right type of window well to provide a second way out.

An Apartment

Whether you need extra income, family needs a place to go or you just want to make sure the space is put to good use, creating an apartment in your basement can be a great choice with the right window well systems. Because people will be spending a large amount of time in the basement and will likely be sleeping there, it is important to use egress windows to ensure everyone can get out of the home safely if the need arises.

General Living Space

While it isn’t required, any time you will be creating space in which people will spend a significant amount of time, it is best to consider installing at least one new window well system. This will ensure there is a second exit if a fire breaks out upstairs and the basement stairs are no longer a viable exit option. This applies to any type of room, including a rec room.

Whenever you are considering changing your basement into some form of livable space, especially if anyone will be sleeping there, it is important to choose the best window well systems. These systems will ensure anyone can get out of the home safely if there is a fire that blocks the stairs. If anyone will be sleeping downstairs, this is a necessity. However, it isn’t a bad idea to install them, even when you will only be using the new space while you are awake.

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