When To Hire A Hackensack Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Anyone facing any type of criminal charges should consider hiring a Hackensack criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. When a defendant is charged with any type of crime that could result in jail time, everything the defendant says or does can potentially create a problem in their defense. 

Unfortunately, many people assume that a Hackensack Criminal Defense Attorney is only needed if the case is moved forward by the prosecutor. While the prosecutor does have the power to choose to charge a defendant or drop the case, having an attorney to represent you early in the process can make a significant difference in the charges filed based on the negotiation between the prosecutor and the defense attorney. 

Having an Attorney on Your Side 

Many types of arrests and criminal charges, or even simply being brought in for questioning, results in pressure on the prosecutor and the legal systems to charge someone for the crime. This is most commonly the case when there has been a death, rape, or injury or harm to a child, elderly person, or a law enforcement officer.  

This community pressure can result in the legal system ramping up the charges and moving for a quick trial. Having a criminal defense attorney involved as early as possible provides time for them to gather evidence, review documents, talk to witnesses, and prepare an effective defense. 

Having an attorney in a criminal case is the only way to ensure you have the protection available under the law. Hiring a defense attorney as early as possible is always your best option to have the representation you require.

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