When To Consider White Glove Service In Los Angeles

For those that are shipping priceless, unique, heavy or delicate items, white glove service may be the best way to handle those items. Whether you are having the items shipped to you in Los Angeles or are shipping them from your home to somewhere else, you need to have the best of the best. Art is one of the many reasons to consider extra services that provide you with extra benefits.

What It Is

This type of service is the highest level of shipping services you can find. Whenever you purchase something online from your favorite store, you’ll likely notice the shipping options available to you. If you don’t mind waiting and want to save money, you can use the ground shipping. However, expedited shipping is usually available also, which can have your items to you in as little as one day. While it does cost more than other shipping methods, it also provides extra benefits.


Most people wouldn’t consider moving furniture or artwork by themselves because the risk of damaging the item goes up more. You won’t be responsible for loading, crating or unloading the furniture. If you are moving to a new home, the movers will likely unload and place the items wherever you wish, especially if they handle installation of the artwork.

When To Use

While it can be helpful to use white glove service movers anytime, it is especially important to use the services of an art shipping company to ship your artwork. Artwork is delicate and can easily be ripped or scratched.

If you are planning on needing those services for other furniture, you may need to hire a different moving company, as most companies that deal with art will only handle art.

Anything of value, assembled furniture and heavy items can all benefit from using those extra services.

What To Expect

The first thing to expect is that the movers will go directly to your home and take the items to their new home. Typically, two or more people will arrive, pack up the items properly and load them into the truck or van. It will be taken to the destination and installed wherever you see fit, unless you prefer to install the artwork yourself.

White glove service in Los Angeles is the highest level of shipping available to you and will ensure that your artwork arrives in the best possible shape.


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