When There Are Too Many Cars and Pickup Trucks at the House, Vehicle Storage in York, PA Is the Answer

He already has too many vehicles, with a few cars in a big garage he built and a few others parked outside. There are two pickup trucks as well, one with a transmission that filed years ago. Since he lives in a rural area, no zoning codes prohibit having some acreage that looks like a used car lot. But now he has lucked out and found an amazing deal on a vintage Monte Carlo. That leads to the man renting vehicle storage in York, PA, since this fine piece of machinery must be thoroughly protected all winter.

Opening up Space

The decision to rent vehicle storage in York, PA makes it clear that moving another beloved car to the same facility would be a good idea. The units are affordable and storing this car there would open up space in the garage so he could buy another automobile. Perhaps a third pickup truck would be advisable since the older one doesn’t work at all.

A Third Pickup Truck?

His girlfriend fondly asks him, in an amused tone, if he needs a third pickup truck. “Naturally,” he says, and quickly explains all the reason why. She figures at least he isn’t spending money foolishly on going out to bars or gambling. Although some vehicles depreciate, others become collector’s items.

Also, if he ever did need money for some reason, he could sell a vehicle or two and cash in. She ponders the possibility that perhaps renting additional space at a facility like A Better Rate Storage might free up the yard, but then again, he might just fill it with more cars and trucks.

The Answer for Too Many Vehicles

Of course, she has a self-storage unit because she couldn’t fit all her furniture and other possessions into his place when she moved in. Someday she’ll go through everything, but there’s no hurry. Sometimes her sister frets about people spending money to store things instead of getting rid of them.

“Does your boyfriend have a storage unit?” she asks one day. Her sister hesitates and then smiles.

“Yes . . . but that’s because he has too many vehicles,” she says with affection.

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