When is Root Canal Treatment in Winchester Necessary?

There are quite a few things that can cause damage to the nerve or pulp of a person’s tooth. In many cases, a person will feel pain or some other type of symptom that alerts them to needing a root canal treatment in Winchester; however, in some cases, there are no warnings or symptoms of the problem. Some of the following are the signs that a root canal is needed.

The most common sign that a root canal treatment in Winchester is necessary is tooth pain. If a tooth needs the root canal, the pain will be specific. For example, if the tooth is still alive, the individual will experience sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or foods and the sensitivity will continue even after the stimulus has been removed from the tooth. Extreme heat sensitivity, rather than cold, is a very specific symptom of a tooth that needs a root canal treatment.

In some cases, the tooth may also begin to hurt for no reason in the middle of the night or if it is being used for eating or drinking. The pain a person experiences may also progress to a severe headache that can cause a person to forget what first caused the pain. If the tooth is already dead and it has become abscessed, then the patient is going to feel pain when they chew or put any type of pressure on the tooth.

If an abscess has formed, it may produce bleeding and swelling around the tooth. In some cases, the swelling can extend to the throat, jaw or cheek. If the swelling is noticeable, then the person needs to seek treatment right away. Putting off treatment can lead to the infection in the tooth spreading to other parts of the body.

If a person believes they may need a root canal, they should contact their dentist right away. If they are unsure, they should still call and request a consultation since this is a problem that will only get worse as time passes. If a person wishes to gather more information or receive answers for some of the most common questions about this type of treatment, they should Contact Thomas Family Dentistry, PC.

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