When is it the Right Time to Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney?

In America, 28 people die every day because of motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition, costs related to these crashes amount to more than $44 billion.

Those numbers should serve as a reminder for you to be careful every time you get behind the wheel. If you still took the risk and now find yourself in a car accident, here’s why it’s smart to hire a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles:

It’s your first time

If this is your first time to be charged with anything, then hiring legal help can lessen your anxiety and stress. You’ll also have a much better idea of what’s going to happen—right along with what the far-reaching consequences of your drunk driving accident will be – when you have a lawyer by your side. Your attorney will explain it all to you in detail.

It’s your second time

If this is your second time to get caught, though, then you’ll have no choice but to hire a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles. Get someone with experience and the right credentials since those qualities will help your lawyer negotiate effectively on your behalf. A good lawyer will work hard to lower your sentence as well as reduce your charges and penalties so you won’t have to spend time behind bars or pay for that big a fine.

Someone was hurt

If someone was hurt because of your reckless actions and driving behavior, engaging the services of an attorney is a must. You’ll need one to help you make the best out of your situation. With the assistance and guidance of a lawyer, you’ll know what your next legal move must be and what steps you can take to make amends to the affected party.

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