When is a Garbage Disposal Broken and in Need of Residential Plumbing Services?

The garbage disposal gets hit all sorts of junk and trash, quite literally. It can also break, and relatively often. There is a time where the garbage disposal is simply backed up, and there is a time where it is broken entirely and needs Residential Plumbing Services. How can a home owner tell if the disposal is not working correctly or just broken entirely? Below are a few at-home tests to see where the disposal stands.

Test the Outlet
It could be as simple as testing the outlet to see if it is still drawing power. Unplug the
garbage disposal and use something else, such as a night light. Do not keep the garbage disposal plugged in while testing the outlet. The actual outlet needs to be tested (top or bottom). Furthermore, having both items connected could overdraw the outlet.

Clogged Disposal
Obviously, the garbage disposal can often get clogged. The sound coming from the garbage disposal will tell a lot about if the actual disposal is broken or if it is strictly clogged. Listen for the hum of the machine. It indicates that it is still functional, but the fan is blocked. Interestingly, the disposal can also work in the opposite way when clogged. It will chug loudly. The noise likely indicates that the blockage has passed a certain point beyond the initial “surface visible area” of the garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals use a hex wrench to relieve the pressure from inside the disposal and allow someone to reach in and grab it. With that said, this can be very dangerous. Be sure to turn off the breaker to make it impossible for the disposal to work. Also, consider hiring Residential Plumbing Services to avoid any potential dangers.

Take advantage of discounts and savings when reaching out to Kent Plumbing. It could be a simple blockage, but even that could be a rather seismic repair. The blockage could fall into the piping, and the problem has graduated from a nuisance to a big repair. Always be mindful and careful when dealing with something that cuts up fruit and chunks of food. Visit us website for more information.

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