When Families Choose Cremation Services Philadelphia Funeral Directors can Guide Them

Many people who pre-plan their funeral choose cremation for religious or personal reasons. Other times families choose it as an option because they don’t have a family plot or do not know what the deceased wanted. In some cases, scattering ashes is part of a personal memorial. However, despite its popularity, there are still a lot of misconceptions about cremation. When they are considering Cremation Services Philadelphia residents are wise to speak to a funeral professional, and find out exactly what is involved.

The trained staff at Mulligan Funeral Home can explain what cremation entails, and what options are available for memorials. For instance, there may not be a casket and burial, but cremation still requires many of the steps involved in a traditional funeral, which can include:

TRANSPORTING A BODY: Whether a person dies at home or at a medical facility, there is paperwork that needs to be completed and a body needs to be transferred to a funeral home, whether it will be buried or cremated.

VIEWING: Even bodies which will ultimately be cremated can be embalmed for viewing. Many people believe that this helps in the grieving process. It also gives survivors a chance to say good-bye.

A MEMORIAL SERVICE: Most people want to honor deceased family members or friends, even when they do not want a traditional funeral. Often this means having a body cremated by the funeral home, and then held until everyone can make it for the memorial. When choosing Cremation Services Philadelphia family members can work with funeral directors to create a memorial service at the funeral home, in a church at a chapel, or even outdoors. Most funeral professionals can coordinate funerals at almost any location, including restaurants, or in banquet halls.

URNS: Even without a casket and burial, most families want a permanent memorial to their loved one. They can do this by choosing a beautiful urn, which can be interred.

Cremation has become a popular funeral choice, but many people are not aware of what it can involve, or what services may be included. Funeral directors can answer questions about cremation and help families design the funeral they want.

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