When Do You Need a Helping Hand of a Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY?

Regardless of how seemingly safe workplace environments are, employees are always put at some risk of getting injuries. A machine operator may make mistakes or lose their concentration, causing injury to themselves as well as other workers. It is not only the construction sites that present risks of injury; office workers who spend much time on their desks can also develop repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. A Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY would help you pursue compensation for the financial loss and damage you suffer when injured in the workplace.

When you need a worker’s compensation attorney

*   You suffered severe to moderate injuries:

If you sustain injuries during the course of performing work duties, and the injuries are severe to permanently alter your life or ability to work, you need the assistance of a worker’s compensation attorney. This is especially true if you sustain permanent bodily impairments or a health issue that compels you to stay out work for a lengthy period.

*   Had pre-existing disabilities:

When injured, and you have body disabilities that existed prior to the injury, your employer may claim that your injuries are associated with such disabilities. An attorney can assist in proving that the damage you suffered was as a result of a workplace injury.

*   You have been denied medical benefits:

Disputes can arise when you are injured, and your employer refuses to award you the medical benefits needed to help recover from the injuries. If you are not getting the right treatment for your injuries, an attorney can assist you to get a doctor or health-care facility that is able to offer quality treatment, something an employer may object due to related costs.

The legal process involving worker’s compensation is often extremely complex. Employers may collude with insurance companies to deny you the compensation you ought to be awarded. If you do not retain a professional lawyer during the claim process, you may be disadvantaged in receiving a desirable claim amount.

A Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY can assist you to navigate the legal system so that you receive retraining and monetary payment to help in obtaining alternative job if you are no longer able to execute the duties you used to before the injury. To launch a worker’s compensation lawsuit against your employer, you can contact Vincent J. Criscuolo Esq. Visit  for invaluable information on this type of legal cases.

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