What You Should Know About Defective Products Claims in Providence, RI?

A defective product claim is a special type of personal injury case that revolves around injuries caused by products that were defective in some way. There are three different ways this type of claim can proceed, so it’s better to understand the distinctions before you bring your claim to personal injury lawyers in Providence, RI.

Defectively Designed Products

In some cases, a product can be designed in a way that the same defect will exist in every product of that model type. For example, a hairdryer with improperly insulated wiring may cause electric shocks to anyone using that particular design type. When there’s a defect in the design, it often affects multiple people and can lead to large class-action lawsuits that involve one lawyer representing a large group of plaintiffs.

Defects in the Manufacturing Process

In this category, a single product or product manufactured within the same lot can be adversely affected by a manufacturing flaw. An example of this might be a batch of cough syrup that was contaminated with a harmful substance. While previous and future batches wouldn’t be affected, that particular batch may lead to a recall and injury claims from consumers.

Failure to Warn of Hazards

In many cases, products can be inherently hazardous if they aren’t used properly. This means manufacturers must provide instructions and warnings concerning the proper use of the product. If those warnings aren’t provided and a consumer is injured through the use of the product, the injured party would have grounds to consult personal injury lawyers in Providence, RI.

As with all personal injury claims, a defective product claim requires that the plaintiff suffered some harm through the proper use of the product. If you find yourself in this situation, an experienced injury attorney can evaluate your case and determine what damages you can recover.

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