What You Should Know About Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster

The ultimate goal of basement waterproofing is to prevent water from seeping through the foundation walls and seams to the interior of the basement. Proofing also prevents the growth of mold, and damage of building materials especially wood. There are internal and external methods that can be applied when doing Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster. The common exterior basement waterproofing methods include.

Constructing an exterior drainage system

This method often involves the installation of PVC pipes at the footer of your home that collect water dripping from the roof and drain it to another location. The location has to be at a lower level than the footer for the drainage to be effective.

This helps prevent water from leaking into the basement that may not have a proper sealant to prevent water from seeping through the building material. However, the location for draining the water should be far away from the basement to prevent capillary action that may result to accumulation of moisture on the basement floor.

Construction of vinyl sheeting systems

A sheet of vinyl can be attached to the exterior of the wall to prevent water from entering the basement. This needs to be done during the construction period especially if your basement is wholly below the ground level. However, the concrete walls may become damp overtime from the interior of the basement and the vinyl sheeting may trap the dampness or even water in between the space. This simply means that the wall may not dry soon unless the dampness gets back into the interior.

Spraying tar or polymer-based products

Since walls made of concrete and wood and other building material may leak water over time, it is recommended that you spray the wall with tar or polymer-based products. These products can act as a sealant and help prevent water from seeping through your basement walls. However, you may need to hire an expert to do the painting. This is because they are skilled and can help avoid improper painting that may not last for long. According to Sitename, you need to know the number of layers of paint to apply for it to be effective; you may not have the skills to do this properly.

There are other interior and exterior methods for Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster that you can use.

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