What You Need to Know Before Buying a Half Cup Bra

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

Shopping for lingerie isn’t always straightforward, because many of the motivations for picking certain kinds are driven by personal preferences. However, if you’re interested in trying something other than a full coverage version, a half cup bra is a great choice, because it’s stylish and has some practical advantages, too. Keep reading to find out what makes it different from what you may be used to, as well as some occasions where it might be especially appropriate to wear one.

Also Known as a Demi Bra

Although you may not have knowingly purchased a half cup bra before, you might have seen them sold as demi bras, a very common name for the style. One of the most defining characteristics is that when these undergarments are worn, only about one half to one-third of the breast is covered. Otherwise, they’re available in a full range of colors and design options, just like full coverage choices. Whether you want something lacy or plain, it’s easy to find suitable possibilities.

It Creates a Lifting Effect

Despite the reduced coverage, these bras are very supportive. Try one to enjoy a lifting and shaping effect on top, especially if you’re a person with average-sized breasts. Some are also available with features like underwired and padding to offer an additional, natural-looking boost.

How Should a Half Cup Bra Fit?

Many people find that one of the most intimidating things about buying new bra styles is figuring out how they should fit. As a rule of thumb, all covered parts of the breast should feel well supported without falling out. Also, make sure the lingerie stays in one place when you move, without riding up in the back or digging into your shoulders.

When to Wear One

Women often prefer to wear these bras underneath tops that have low, wide, or oddly shaped necklines, because they’re less likely to be visible. A half cup bra is also a good choice for wearing privately in the company of someone special, because less breast coverage could help create allure and excitement in the bedroom.

Although there are many factors to think about when purchasing bras, you should now have enough information to confidently try this lingerie style for the first time. Buy one online at Strapsandstrings.com and get it shipped around the world.

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