What You Need to Know about Moving Overseas Shipping

Moving and shipping overseas can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever prepare for. But since you are more likely to do it only once, give the planning process your all. Know how the process works and make informed choices that will simplify moving overseas shipping. Here are a couple of tips that can help you if you are moving overseas or shipping goods abroad.

Know who is involved

It is important for you to know the team of people who are usually involved in international shipment so that you can start to look for those contacts early enough. You’ll have to choose an international shipping company that will oversee your shipment. It’s best to choose a company that has well-experienced professionals like an origin agent, destination agent and freight forwarder. All these groups of people work as a team in order to ensure your shipment arrives safely.

Choose a container

Your goods will have to be placed in a container. They can be loaded together with other cargo or placed in their exclusive container depending on the volume of your shipment. Opting for goods to be consolidated is usually a cheaper option since other people will share costs involved with shipping that container. An expert in moving overseas shipping should be able to discuss with you issues regarding the container.

Understand the “rules of the sea”

Know which rules, terms and conditions that the ship line has set in place. For instance, if the ship line has been overbooked, they have a right to move your goods to the next available ship. You may also have to pay all the additional costs related to this move. The ship line can also throw the cargo overboard in the event of damage or risk of sinking, and they may not be held liable for any losses. There are many other rules that you are probably not aware of. Discuss with your moving overseas shipping company regarding the rules and standards of the ship line they’ll be using beforehand.

Make sure all prices are included

Make sure all the prices are included in the final quote. Sometimes the quote may not include the destination port fees so make sure you ask in advance. Make sure you do background checks so that you know the reputation and get references of the company that is going to be handling your goods when they’ve reached the destination.

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