What You Need to Know About Homeowners Associations in Arizona

Many communities in the United States belong to a homeowners association; these associations are put into place in order to uphold a high standard of rules and regulations, which all members must follow or be faced with fees, fines, and possible eviction from their property. If you are moving to an area in Arizona, it is important to find out if there is a homeowners association in your area and determine and learn the HOA laws in Arizona.

Typical Rules

It is important to familiarize yourself with the HOA laws in Arizona before you purchase a property in the area. Failure to uphold any of the agreed upon laws will result in consequences including fines, fees, and the possible eviction from your property if the infraction is serious enough. The regulations will encompass any changes you wish to make to your home, flags you are allowed to display on your property and any landscaping styles and ideas, which you may have. The homeowners association may also charge fees for all members in order to maintain and repair all aspects of common areas in the community including but not limited to parking lots, gyms, trails, and swimming pools.


Fines may be levied on all members of the homeowners associations who fail to uphold any of the rules and regulations set out in the bylaws; the homeowner in question will first receive a written notice explaining the infraction and will be asked to mend the infraction or pay a fine. If the homeowner feels like the accusation of the infraction is inaccurate, they have the right to a hearing in front of the board of directors. If a hearing is not granted than the fine cannot be collected.

Meetings and Records Access

If you are a member of a homeowners association, the HOA laws in Arizona state that you have the rights to see full and complete HOA records for your area whether these records, which you request, are current or past meeting minutes or financial records. All meetings are open to members of the homeowners association and you have the right to attend these meetings to hear all discussion about the community and vote on any changes to the current rules and guidelines.

Members’ Rights

According to the HOA laws in Arizona, you as a member of the homeowners association have certain rights that must be enforced. Laws in Arizona have been put in place to limit the amount of power the board of a homeowners association may have over members in the association; this makes it easy to dispute accusations of infractions along with allowing the movement to green energy panels to be placed on homes and other home improvements not formerly allowed by the association.

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