What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a hot accessory and many, from public figures to the average woman on the street, use them to get a different look. While they are suitable for just about any type of hair, the methods of putting them in are not ideal for everyone. A lot depends on the health of their scalp and natural hair.

How to Choose
Choosing these fashion accessories is not always as simple as it looks, and as such you need to think carefully before making a purchase. Some people will have allergic reactions to some types of synthetic hair. If you have severe allergies, you need to be careful about the types of hair that you buy. Some people prefer natural hair, but they need to remember that this is much more expensive than synthetic hair and needs to be cared for like your own natural hair.

Why Have a Hairdresser Help
There are many reasons why getting a trained hairdresser to help with the selection is a good idea. For one thing, an experienced eye will be better able to help you find the right color and texture to suit your own natural hair. A stylist can cut and style extensions just the way you want. They will also know how to treat synthetic hair to help it to look as natural as possible. Most individuals are unable to properly care for synthetic hair without some professional help.

If you are not using clip-on type hair extensions, it is possible to damage your hair so badly that it could lead to hair loss. For this reason alone it is a good idea to get professional help when using glued in and sewn in hairpieces. In addition, depending on the condition of your hair, a hairdresser may be able to recommend one type over another to help protect damaged hair.

When looking for hair extensions, New York shoppers have a lot of options. They can visit salons where they will get professional help with choosing the right type to match their hairstyle. These trained hairdressers will also be able to recommend the best method of wearing the pieces based on the current condition of your hair.

Visit Paullabrecque.com find out about different types of hair extensions and methods of putting them in to suit your style and pocket. Specially trained hairdressers have received Paul Labrecque’s intensive training and they are personally trained by him in color and cutting techniques. They are also licensed to practice in NYC.

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