What You Need to Know About Fire Rated Doors When You Purchase Them

Are you the manager in charge of safety and security at your organization or a homeowner interested in purchasing safety hardware for your residence? If so, this article on Fire Rated Doors may provide you with information that you need. What are fire rated doors, what purpose do they serve and why would you need to purchase one?

A fire rated door is a fire door that is measured by its “fire resistance rating.” It is part of the fire protection system in a given dwelling and is designed to prevent the spread of fire between compartments. The fire door is often coupled with a fire damper and the unit is referred to as a closure. Fire doors are generally made up of many materials: the steel door, the special glass window section, timber, aluminium and gypsum. The fire door’s swinging panel and the door’s frame must meet stringent requirements to pass the test as a safe fire door. The fire door’s frame is comprised of the fire seal, the door hardware assembly and the structure that holds it all together. This grouping of the fire seal, hardware and structural assembly is generally referred to as a “door-set,” and is the doorset is rated for its ability to withstand fire for a certain period of time.

Obviously, you would need Fire Rated Doors for the securing of your personal assets and being. If you are planning to purchase any fire doors, ensure that everything is delivered to you as needed. These are the items that will be found in the fire door hardware package: automatic closing devices, ball bearing hinges, a positive latching mechanism, gas seals and smoke seals. Seals need to be ensured that they work to prevent smoke from passing through, and may be made of an in-tumescent stripping or a Neoprene material. The windows could be made of anything from wire mesh to ceramic to borosilicate glass.

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