What You Learn in Medical Assistant Schools in New York

Medical assisting is a very social career. You will be actively involved with patients from taking their vital statistics to interviewing them for various treatments. If you are a social person who enjoys helping people, Medical Assistant Schools in New York can help you get your education for this career.

Medical assisting encompasses many tasks besides patient contact. Preparing and cleaning exam rooms, preparing and administering medications, collecting specimens, blood, or tissue and logging them for the lab, and other general tasks that are assigned to you. Medical Assistants (MA) never perform any task without supervision and instruction from a nurse or doctor.

The technology you will be using as an MA includes working with the operating system, some kind of office suite, medical software like patient and EMR software, email clients, and bookkeeping and billing applications. New Age Training Medical Assistant Schools in New York provide training for all aspects of the job including the technology used in the medical office.

Taking a Medical Assistant course will help you learn about customer service, patient care, clerical tasks, some medical and dental knowledge, technology and office tasks, math, English, psychology, and public safety and security. Even if you already have many of these skills, taking a course will help improve them before you enter your new career.

An education in Medical assisting at New Age Training in New York will cost you about $8,475 in tuition and fees and around $320 in supplies and for your books. Since the costs of education can change, this is just an estimate to give you an idea of the costs of this education. You may qualify for loans, grants, or scholarships depending on your circumstances which will delay or offset the costs of paying for this course. Medical Assistant Schools in New York commonly provide resources to help you find out what kind of financial assistance you can obtain.

This course takes 36 weeks to complete and the job placement rate is over 70 percent for most students. Medical Assistants can make between $25,000 to $50,000 per year. This income will help you pay your student loans and provide you with not only a way to make a decent income, but provide you with a way to start a career in the medical field. You can move up with other training during your MA career. New Age Training offers state approved and accredited training.

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