What to Look for in Moving Companies

Are you all ready to move, but did not realize how much stuff you need to be moved? Do you feel like you need help from professionals? If so, you should research Chicago moving companies. When you search for moving companies, you should follow these guidelines.


Word of mouth is always best. Whenever you are in need of finding a company to provide a service, such as moving, you must still do your research and ask around. You should ask your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who you trust for their experiences with local moving companies. After you have asked people you know, you should continue your research online. Not only should the moving companies have testimonials on their websites, but you should also find other outlets to get more reviews. Even though your move might be right around the corner, you should still find the best company, which is not necessarily the first company you see.

Compare Prices

You should always get at least four companies to come to your home for estimates. When they come to your home, you should show them everything you want to be moved. They should let you know how long it should take them to give you a written appraisal. Once you get the contract, you should make sure it lists every minute detail, such as travel specifications with prices and times. You do not want any details left out. The last thing you need is an added fee. Getting at least four estimates should give you a clear idea of what you should pay.


When you have followed the correct steps and have found the best moving company, you still have work to do on moving day. You must create an inventory list so that nothing gets lost. You should also write notes on your inventory. If you have a table that you know has a scratch or is broken in a specific location, note that, so there should never come the point where there is any discrepancy between what happened. It is your responsibility to stay on top of your items.

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