What to Look for in a Tire Distributor

If you’re an automotive business selling or using tires, it’s a good idea for yourself and your clients if you can contract with a wholesale tire distributor, so that you can obtain the best possible prices. Start looking for a distributor and consider opening a wholesale account. Before applying for an account with a wholesaler, there are several key factors to consider before partnering with a distributor. Be sure to do your research and ask questions before deciding on your partnership(s), including questions about inventory and location (specifically delivery boundaries). Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.Inventory. What kind of tires are you looking to sell or use? Car, truck, SUV, RV? Know the products and the brands you’re looking for, and be sure to research the distributor’s availabilities and partnerships. If you need passenger and light trucks/SUV tires, or are in need of Yokohama, Hankook, or Cooper Tires, it’s important that your distributor supply all the tires you need. Check with your potential distributor by inquiring about the tire brands and the inventory they typically maintain.

Location. If you’re looking for the best Wholesale Tires in Missouri, an east or west coast supplier may not provide the necessary services for your needs, if they deliver outside of their boundaries at all. Check with your potential partner to determine the delivery boundaries.

Reputation. Reputation in the field amongst other dealers, brands, and employees may all be important factors in a successful partnership. If you’re able to speak with or visit other clients or employees, gauging their happiness with a particular company may be an important step in making the right choice for your business.

Size of business. How large is the distributor? Depending on the amount of business you do, or the amount of tires your company goes through, you may be looking for a different size distributor. If you need to make a lot of sales, a wholesaler with several locations to serve your needs is likely more suited to your needs, vs a smaller single warehouse operation.Once you’ve done your research and have made your decision, it’s time to apply for your wholesale account with your chosen distributor. You’ve likely chosen a company that offers your business what you need. Your application may include a check of your credit worthiness. is an employee owned distributor offering Wholesale Tires in Missouri, serving dealers throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.


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