What to Know About Perfusion Cell Culture

It is important to use efficient bioreactors for a perfusion cell culture when you plan to upscale your process and keep full control of cultivation. You can use perfusion-based hollow fiber instruments to create an efficient cell culture bioreactor that allows dynamic cell growth, which will give you real-time responses and adapt to any culture changes. In this case, the process is scalable and reliable.

Why Use It?

You can develop cells for either industrial or clinical processes, and the bioreactor perfusion cell culture will use hollow fiber technology to ensure that your cell lines are protected, screened, and cultured. They will be in a vessel that is enabled by sensors so that you can monitor and control it while you are manufacturing.

When you use this bioreactor for mammalian cell culture, you get control over key parameters, including pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. This allows you to overcome common R&D limitations.


One of the benefits of working with an experienced company is that you can focus on your project, and there is less variability from one lot to the next. In other words, you can count on reproducible results even from different lots.

In addition, this process helps you upscale your production while maintaining full control of the cultivation. The perfusion-based instrument gives you an efficient cell culture bioreactor so that you get dynamic cell growth along with responses as it adapts to any culture changes. You don’t need to work with a company that sells cell lines; they will help you expand yours or those you purchase from a distributor.

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