What to Know About Danish Mid-Century Furniture

The Danish style of furniture is popular because of its minimalist, clean style. Many people look for Danish mid-century furniture when they want to add quality pieces to a modern look. Danish style turned away from ornamentation in furniture to focus on the form and functional use. As a result pieces are practical, attractive, simplistic, and minimalist.

Danish Furniture Set Out to Improve Lives

The Danish mid-century furniture designers believed that the design of furniture could actually improve people’s lives. They wanted to create attractive furniture that was practical and functional. After Danish furniture was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in the Fallingwater House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Danish furniture became very popular, and Denmark is one of the top producers of furniture in the world today.

Materials, Design, and Shape

The materials are one of the most important elements of Danish mid-century furniture. Oak and beech wood are popular materials, along with teak. In addition, they use frosted glass for lighting. Danish furniture is well made, and there are no signs of glue or exposed nails. The pieces are solid wood, and the design and shape includes clean, pure lines. These pieces are designed with the human body and comfort in mind, as well as the intended use of the pieces. You will find sofas and chairs for the living room with curves, while dining chairs may be more straight. In general, the pieces are designed with the idea of creating a clean, inviting space.

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