What to Expect From Dentures in La Grange, KY

Taking care of your oral health can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Unfortunately, there are conditions that can arise and cause you to experience tooth loss. When you are missing your teeth, life can be difficult. You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to social situations, because you do not want to expose your mouth and show you are missing teeth. This can make it difficult to smile, eat and talk in front of others. Aside from missing teeth affecting your appearance, there are other issues you face as well. The inability to eat and enjoy food can cause many problems in your life. Some people even experience difficulty in speaking clearly. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, there is a solution, through Dentures in La Grange, KY. This will replace your missing teeth and give you an improved smile.

Should You Get Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth?

To make the decision on dentures easier, it can help to know what to expect from the process. To begin to get your dentures, the dentist will need to examine you and make sure your gums are healthy. If you have any teeth that need to be pulled, these will need to be pulled before you get your dentures. If the dentist believes your gums are healthy enough, he or she may recommend you get dentures. This will involve you first being measured for your new pair of teeth.

The dentist will need to measure your mouth and make an impression of your gums. This impression will serve as a tool to create your new pair of dentures. The impressions will be sent to the lab, where your dentures will be created. If your dentist has a dental lab, your dentures may be ready the same day. In some cases, it may take about a week.

If you have been thinking about getting Dentures in La Grange, KY and would like to learn more about the process and what your options are. They will be glad to assist you in making a decision on your oral health.


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