What To Expect From An Orthodontist In Lusby, MD

In Maryland, a trip to the orthodontist determines if patients are ready for braces, or if there are other ways to correct their alignment. The dental specialists examine the teeth and discuss the best method for correcting with their patients. A local orthodontist in Lusby MD offers full services for all patients.

Examining the Alignment Issue

Dental professionals complete a full examination of the alignment issue and determine if the patient needs braces or not. A mold of the patient’s teeth is taken to examine the bite and the correct alignment. The finished product shows the dental professional what method is best for correcting the alignment.

Choosing the Right Braces

Metal and ceramic braces are the most traditional options for correcting the alignment. The braces are installed permanently, and the patients wear them for at least two years to correct the alignment. Most dental plans cover a larger portion of the metal or ceramic braces. However, Invisalign is covered, too. Invisalign is removable but corrects the alignment effectively.

What the Patient Can Expect From Their Braces

Traditional braces are likely to pinch and cause some abrasions inside the mouth. However, the conditions subside after a few months. However, with Invisalign braces, the patient can remove them at any time for brushing their teeth and eating. The dental provides a new pair of braces as the patient progresses through the program. Select dental professionals offer a retainer for maintaining the alignment.

Alternative Methods for Straightening Teeth

Veneers are an alternative way of correcting a slight alignment issue. The dental professional creates an indention in the front side of the tooth and bonds the veneer to the tooth with an ultraviolet lamp. Veneers can be reshaped to make the smile more aesthetically pleasing.

In Maryland, dental professionals refer their patients to the orthodontist when they have an alignment issue. The specialists provide a variety of braces and devices for correcting the alignment and giving patients their best smile. Veneers are an alternative to braces and correct a simple alignment issue. Patients who want to learn more about services provided by an orthodontist in Lusby MD can visit website domain right now.

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