What to expect from a termite inspection

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Pest Control

Termites are nasty, destructive insects, their favorite target is wood and they can quickly cause significant damage. Termites are extremely difficult to see as they bore into wood, when a homeowner has reason to suspect that there is a termite problem then a termite inspection in Lake Worth FL is a necessity. It is highly recommended, in some jurisdictions it actually is necessary, that prior to the purchase of any real estate that the property be inspected for termites and termite damage.

Termites are actually related to ants and cockroaches; they too live in an organized social environment. Their colors range from off white to almost black. Their targets are anything consisting of cellulose, this includes wood, paper and cardboard, they especially look for areas where their target food is damp. Because the termite is rarely visible a homeowner will relay on other indicators of their presence such as shelter tubes or small granular pellets.

If the homeowner suspects there is an infestation the first thing is to call a company that performs termite inspection in Lake Worth FL. The initial inspection can take upwards of an hour, the time of course depends on how large the home is and how cluttered it is. The inspector starts in the attic and works his way to the basement or crawl space, looking for evidence of termites.

If the inspection shows that there are termites, eradication procedures must start as quickly as possible. If termites are left alone they can quickly cause damage which is more than strictly cosmetic, they can actually weaken a structure. By not attacking the problem immediately it will only mean it will cost more for repairs in the future.

Companies that perform termite inspection in Lake Worth FL also can eradicate them. There are two approaches, one is chemical and the other is baiting them. Pesticides that are used in termite control can be dangerous if applied incorrectly, these chemicals must be applied by skilled technicians. Chemical treatment is done by spraying around the perimeter of the house; this creates a barrier around their target. The pesticide is sprayed on the ground; it is applied where there is evidence of a colony as well as where they are currently feeding.

DeBugem Pest Control often use a baiting system which entails placing cellulose material in strategic locations around the house, this attracts the termites. Once termites begin feeding, this material is replaced with chemicals that are carried back to the colony causing their death.

If you have reason to believe that you have a termite problem then you need to call in professionals to do a termite inspection in Lake Worth FL. You are invited to contact DeBugem Pest Control forayer around protection.

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