What To Expect From A Local Dental Clinic In Hattiesburg, MS

In Mississippi, dental professionals complete services to improve a patient’s smile and keep teeth and gums healthy. Regular dental visits help patients find adverse conditions at an earlier stage. Dentists evaluate the teeth and gum to identify conditions that warrant immediate services. A local Dental Clinic in Hattiesburg MS offers regular dental services for keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

Fillings and Sealants

Fillings and sealants are provided when correcting tooth damage. A cavity will spread to other teeth if it isn’t filled appropriately and sealed. The dentist removes all decay and fills the tooth with composite resin. The tooth is sealed to provide added protection for the tooth.

Dental Bonding Services

Dental bonding services are ideal for protection molars and preventing damage to adult teeth for pediatric patients. However, dental bonding services are used for more procedures. The dental professionals use the treatment to reconstruct broken and damaged teeth. The composite resin is applied to the tooth and reshaped. Once it is the correct size and shape, the dentist uses an ultraviolet lamp to cure the resin.

Veneers and Crowns

Veneers and crowns are used to correct and protect the teeth. The veneers are often used to correct discoloration and reshape the teeth. The devices are bonded to the front of the tooth enamel.

Crowns are fitted over the tooth after the tooth is ground into a cone shape. The dentist uses an adhesive and an abutment to connect and secure the crowns. The crowns are used to protect tooth repairs and teeth that were repaired via a root canal.

Installing Dental Implants

Dental implants are installed through the tooth socket and connected to the jawbone with a titanium root. The implant crown is connected directly to the root.

In Mississippi, dental professionals use fillings and sealants to repair minor tooth damage. Dental bonding is used to reconstruct severely damaged teeth and make them aesthetically pleasing. Veneers and crowns are also used to correct damage and improve the way the teeth look. Patients who want to schedule an appointment at a Dental Clinic in Hattiesburg MS can contact a dental professional or Browse our website right now.

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