What to Expect From a Chiropractor in Wheat Ridge

When you are looking for a chiropractor in Wheat Ridge, you need to find a professional such as Dr. Jen Hartley. She has a doctorate of chiropractic and can offer a combination of services for an integrated approach to helping you improve your life. Her techniques address the structural, neurological, and emotional issues along with your nutritional needs.

Chiropractic Services Help With Back Pain

When people suffer from back pain, they go to a chiropractor in Wheat Ridge for help. Back pain can be chronic and hard for a doctor to diagnose. They offer pain medication, but this just masks the symptoms. This includes muscle pain, shooting pains, and pain that increases when you walk or do activities. A chiropractor can help you with different types of back pain. They will examine you and make a treatment plan to perform adjustments. Chiropractic is gentle and noninvasive, and it looks at the alignment of your bones and how your body systems work together.

They Offer Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation

Quantum neurology is a treatment to heal spinal cord and nervous system injuries. It can be used to restore function to nerves in different parts of the body and promote healing. When you go to a chiropractor in Wheat Ridge, they can use this technique to improve your health. The doctor uses muscle strength and neurological indicators to determine where nerves are weak or dysfunctional, and then they use laser therapy and reflexes to help restore function to your nerves.

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