What to Expect During Wisdom Tooth Removal by an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills, NJ

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that first appear in your late teens or early twenties. For many individuals, these teeth cause more harm than good. Wisdom teeth can come in crooked and crowded, causing other teeth to shift. They sometimes don’t fully erupt, making them prime targets for bacterial growth and decay. Having these teeth extracted is one of the most common reasons people visit an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ.

The majority of people who come in for wisdom tooth removal are teenagers, and the wisdom teeth are still beneath the gum surface. These patients will be completely sedated. Only patients with fully erupted teeth are candidates for simple extractions while they are conscious. Before a surgery, expect the surgeon to take new x-rays. They will also clean out the mouth with an antiseptic wash. The entire mouth will be numbed. General anesthesia is administered, and it quickly puts the patient into a deep sleep. The surgeon then cuts the gum tissue to reveal and pull out the hidden teeth. If a tooth is embedded in the jaw, small bits of bone will also be removed with the tooth. Some teeth come out whole, while others needs to be removed in small pieces. After the surgery is complete, the surgeon will close all incision sites with dissolvable stitches. The patient moves to the recovery area to be monitored for a short time before going home.

Recovery time after this Westfield Oral Surgery procedure varies from person to person. Most people are able to resume normal activities within a couple days. Once the numbing wears off, some pain and swelling is normal. Doctors usually prescribe a pain medication, but many patients find only over-the-counter pain relievers are needed. Ice packs are used to reduce swelling. Eating soft foods for the first few days is recommended. The first day after surgery, the patient should be careful not to spit. This can force the blood clot covering the incision site to dislodge, resulting in a painful dry socket. Straws should also be avoided for this very reason.

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common procedures offered by an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ. It’s best to have them extracted before these teeth lead to dental problems. Proper care after the surgery will ensure the site heals in a timely manner.

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