What To Expect During an Access Control Security System Installation In Plainfield IN

When a company has several different facilities that they need to keep secure, using traditional keys and locks is not always the most reliable way of preventing unauthorized entry. An access control system is designed to streamline the process by providing access for employees through the use of small, electronic key cards. The following takes a look at what is involved during access control security system installation in Plainfield IN and why it is a job best left to a professional.

System Design

The first step is to design the system, which entails identifying what doors require an entry sensor and what zones a company wants to create within their facilities. An experienced designer will help a company determine areas of weakness and make suggestions on the various components that will increase the overall security of a building. Once the plan is created, the installation team will then build the system by sourcing the required devices and wiring necessary for installation.

Server Installation

The heart of an access system is the server that controls it. The technicians will first install the server equipment and run any wires to the various entry points within the building. Most companies recommend using a dedicated server that has a backup power supply so that the locks will continue to operate in the event of a power outage.

Access Point Configuration

The final step of access control security system installation in Plainfield IN is to install and configure the access points. Small, electronic sensors will be connected to the wires running throughout the building. Once the sensors are connected the team will then program the server by assigning a location to each point, and they will create the access cards for employees to use to gain access to a building.

The process of installing an access system is straightforward and allows a company to keep their physical assets safe. The team at Innovative Communication Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of customized access systems and will help a company design a security protocol that will protect their facilities from the threat of unauthorized entry. Browse our website to learn more about the options available and take the first step in increasing the security of any size commercial facility.

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